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At our clinic we utilize a very gentle technique using an instrument called an activator.  With over 30 years of experience using the technique we tend to specialize in difficult cases and many of the patients we see come to us as a last resort.  We have a strong background in sports medicine and treat many athletes in the area.  We are soft tissue injury specialists and can treat sprains, strains, bursitis, tendonitis, and arthritis.  With chiropractic combined with the other modalities listed on this page, we are confident we can treat almost anything that walks through our door.

Being one of the first Americans let into China where he studied acupuncture, Dr. Metcalf is well versed in many forms of this amazing art.  He has been using acupuncture in his clinics for over 30 years to treat a large variety of different ailments.  We do traditional needle acupuncture, and we also use a non-piercing form of acupuncture using a Tei-Shin Needle.  In addition to those forms, we have had some exciting recent success using a laser to stimulate acupuncture points in the ear to help some of our patients stop smoking.

Electro Dermal Screening
Electro Dermal Screening or EDS is a way we can test our patients for exposure to chemicals, pesticides, molds, bacteria, viruses and many other infectants.  By screening certain acupuncture points that are associated with the various systems in your body we are able to get a readout of what is being taxed or acting sluggish within your bodies various systems, and more importantly why it is acting in that manner.  Then we combine that data with our extensive line of homeopathic remedies to help your body to detoxify itself and return to a more balanced state.

Traditional homeopathic remedies are normally one type of herb that is taken individually over a month or so.  Our remedies are what is called combination remedies and combine many different types of herbs that assist each other to get to the final goal.  The remedies were formulated by a man who is a Naturopath, a Pharmacist, and a Biochemist.  The company that manufactures these remedies is a pharmaceutical grade facility, where quality is held to very high standards.  These remedies are made by removing the medical portion of the herbs and potentizes it, and then placing that herb in demineralized water. It is preserved with a very small amount of alcohol to keep bacteria and other potential organisms from spoiling it.

Nutritional Counseling
To compliment the detoxing properties of the homeopathics, we carry a full line nutritional supplements that are also manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade facility.  Dr. Metcalf also holds a Clinical Nutrition degree and can answer many of your questions about nutrition and how to use supplements and food to better fuel your body.  We carry the Eniva line of nutritional products which include a extensive line of vitamins and minerals that are produced to the highest of standards.

We offer a custom line of foot orthotics that utilizes digital scanning of your foot bed to construct the insert.  The orthotic itself has a very soft, comfortable, and supportive feel with great shock absorbtion for walking, running, and working on hard surfaces.  They have a great track record for people with foot, knee, and low back problems and are so comfortable to wear many of our patients simply do not go anywhere without them.  The company has also recently added a line of customized sandals that give people a more open air option during those beautiful Minnesota summers.

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